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I’m a sales leader at a multi-billion dollar tech company, CCC, where I’ve spent the last 19 years.  It’s a great privilege to work for a first-class organization.  In addition to leading my team and my family, I believe we’re all a work in progress.  I’m on a mission to learn, evolve and build into others along the way. As part of this mission, I write articles on leadership, performance, productivity, faith and other topics.  I also created the podcast, With Intention, to bring these lessons to a wider audience.  With Intention also highlights impact-makers throughout the world in an interview format.

Personally, I grew up in Cleveland where I learned how to deal with heartbreak from my beloved sports teams (see Cleveland Browns’ “The Drive” or “The Fumble”).  After a few years in Chicago, I met a girl (Michelle) & found my way back to Ohio.  My wife, Michelle, and I now live in New Albany, OH, outside of Columbus and have three munchkins (Gabriel, Reese & Emerson) we chase around!


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