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3 Things: Writing, reflection and the power of handwriting

Thought: I’m currently running a With Intention cohort at CCC. We had a call today where the topic of writing came up. One of things I’m having them do is writing in a workbook that accompanies the self-learning modules. This was a big aha for the group as many hadn’t used pen/paper to write in many years. There’s something about the brain that keeps the information better when you write it down versus using a computer or smartphone.

Quote: “Writing is the windshield wiper of the soul.” – Julia Cameron, Author of “The Artist’s Way”

Call to Action: Try writing, handwriting, even if for three minutes. See what comes up. Or, better yet, don’t set a time and just write what’s on your mind and in your heart. I believe you’ll unlock some subconscious things that are “swimming” beneath the surface : )

Have a great weekend!


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