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3 Things: Micromovements, Divide & Conquer & Taking Imperfect Action

Thought: My wife, Michelle, was a school teacher before we had kids. She used to always talk about micro-movements, which is breaking things down to smaller chunks to complete it. It’s a powerful concept. My high school English teacher, Brother Joe, taught us a concept called Divide and Conquer which is pretty much one in the same. I’ve got quite a few big projects going on – book coming out in October with many deadlines, work commitments, I help lead a charity golf event that’s coming up, etc. Guess what – I’m writing this as much for me as there are times I need to be reminded to just focus on the process and make progress, even if imperfectly. And, leaning on others and having a great team is crucial.

Quote: “Nothing happens until something moves.” – Albert Einstein

Call to Action: What about you? Any big projects on the horizon or going on right now that you can break down into smaller “micro-movements” and “divide and conquer” your way to the finish line? How about leveraging others – maybe there’s an opportunity to ask for help and surround yourself with a great team that can help get the job done.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!


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