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3 Things: Managing stress & avoiding burnout

  1. Thought – Stress is normal. Sometimes, it’s even a good thing and helps us navigate stuff. We all have a breaking point. Our ability to understand this and take the appropriate steps to manage it is important.
  2. Quote – “Stress isn’t from the events that happen in our lives. It’s from the resistance to the things that happen in our lives.” – Alan Stein Jr.
  3. Call to Action – If you’re stressed, acknowledge it today. Do something about it that’s constructive. Make it a catalyst for action – take a break, go for a walk or a long run. Watch (or listen to) something that fills you up. Go “be with” someone you care about. Find a way to be in service to someone or something.

If you want to dive deeper on this topic, I published a podcast interview last week with Alan Stein, Jr. who just released his second book, “Sustain Your Game”. Alan’s worked with some of the top NBA players and business leaders in the world. We go deep on managing stress and avoiding burnout.

Have a great rest of the week!


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