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3 Things: Forgiveness, Conflict Resolution & Truth in Love

3 Things:

  1. Big Idea: Forgiveness is one of the life-giving gifts we can give to others – and to ourselves. Conflict is a part of life. Addressing conflict, the right way, is a skill that many struggle with (including me). I’ve learned that letting things fester is never good. I have a key business relationship that has improved drastically in the last month after we addressed a multi-year conflict head on. It wasn’t an easy conversation. Just having the conversation alleviate so much pressure and we’re now in a much better place. It has been a great reminder of addressing conflict head on, again, the right way. Truth in love is a concept of addressing conflict and hard situations more directly and with respect. I feel like the more we let conflict sit, the harder it gets to resolve.
  2. Quote: “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” – Mahatma Gandhi
  3. A call to action: Where can you address conflict directly, with love and respect, and figure out a way to resolve? Who can you choose to forgive today?

I hope your Holiday season is going great! Thanks for reading.

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